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The no decision outcome

The No Decision Outcome

The No Decision Outcome In 20-plus years of B2B selling, the most common competitor I have encountered in sales, the competitor who is always present and who wins way too much of the time is the “Status Quo”. This is more commonly known as the no decision outcome. To gain better insight into why the …

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Benefits of CRM

So Many CRM’s

With so many CRM’s in the marketplace how do you whittle your important purchase down to make sure you find the right one? You know your company needs one. The whole team would benefit from one. You have convinced the boss. You have found the budget – now what?? It is an important responsibility and …

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Help to Grow Digital

Help to Grow Digital

Great news for businesses investing in CRM technologies. The UK Government has launched a ‘Help to Grow Digital scheme. This scheme will operate alongside the Help to Grow: management scheme. Qualifying businesses will be able to obtain up to 50% discounts on CRM software. There are other qualifying applications that help businesses build customer relationships …

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The cost of bad data

The Cost of bad data

The cost of bad data What is the true cost of a bad data? Some scenarios impact revenue or savings, while other scenarios impede operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction and people’s lives. The real cost of bad data was illustrated in October 2020 with failure by the UK Governments Track and Trace system. Revelations in October …

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What is CRM?

What Is CRM?

What is CRM? When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to CRM software. CRM software is a tool that is used for contact management. Its key purpose is to allow for the effective management of relationships between prospects, customers, and supplier. CRM also enables sales management, productivity, and much, much more. CRM software …

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Defining CRM requirements

Defining CRM requirements

Once a business clearly understanding why a CRM is needed, critical to a successful implementation is clearly defining CRM requirements. Outlined below are 6 steps that are important in defining CRM requirements.  Defining CRM Requirements and Integration How far down into your company’s existing systems will your CRM solution integrate? Will it be a departmental …

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