Customer Lifetime Value

Sales Metrics

How many sales metrics are you using to make strategic decisions? The recent explosion of business intelligence and analytics tools has resulted in an organizations ability to measure every sales metric possible. Often the problem is not a lack of KPI’s, rather too many Key performance Indicators (KPI’s). For most businesses 5 KPI’s is enough …

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Reasons for implementing CRM

CRM implementations are driven by companies desire to improve both business processes and individual performance. Many successful CRM implementations have proven that recording, analysing and more closely managing prospect and customer relationships is an effective way to derive more value from these relationships. In addition is realises a greater return based on the effort and …

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Evaluating your Sales Leads

Listen closely. Your lead sources are trying to tell you something. Some are shouting, “I’m a wellspring of sales-ready leads! Focus your energy and resources on me.” Others are grumbling, “My leads are expensive, and they don’t convert. Cut me loose. Now.” Are you getting the message? This blog is designed to help outline the …

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