Lead generation

Marketing in a downturn

Bill Gates famously said, if your marketing is effective, you should not need to worry about marketing in a downturn, as it shouldn’t happen. Here are some tips to help with marketing in a downturn. I hope you find the tips helpful. Marketing in a downturn Here are our top 7 tips for getting the …

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Evaluating your Sales Leads

Evaluating your Sales Leads

Listen closely. Your lead sources are trying to tell you something. Some are shouting, “I’m a wellspring of sales-ready leads! Focus your energy and resources on me.” Others are grumbling, “My leads are expensive, and they don’t convert. Cut me loose. Now.” Are you getting the message? One important way of evaluating your sales leads …

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Smart Selling

Smart Selling

Selling is a challenging profession. The old school mentality is work harder. The new school perspective is work smarter. Smart selling is a key principle to working smarter. Sales encompasses so many element from lead generation, sales qualification, sales process and sales methodology to name a few. This blog looks at maximizing the days that …

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Calculating your lead generation numbers

Lead Generation

How to be the Best at Lead Generation? It Starts with Process Sales leaders would never dream of operating a sales force without a sales process.  Yet sales organizations move forward with Lead Generation efforts without a documented lead management process. It all starts with Lead Generation Process – Steps to Develop A lead management …

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