Successful CRM implementation

Reasons for implementing CRM

Reasons for implementing CRM

The top reasons for implementing CRM are driven by a company’s desire to improve both business processes and individual performance. Organisations want to elevate their customer experience management and fundamentally improve profitability. Many successful CRM implementations have proven that recording, analysing, and more closely managing prospect and customer relationships is an effective way to derive …

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Henry Ford Thinking


‘Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason, so few engage in it’. One of Henry Fords greatest quotes. Thomas Edison was another great thinker, one of the most famous and prolific inventors of all time. Thomas Edison exerted a tremendous influence on modern life, contributing inventions such as the incandescent light …

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Successful CRM Implementation

Successful CRM adoption

A successful CRM adoption looks different within each organisation. Just as the drivers for implementing CRM vary, so does the definition of success. In a recent article I looked at the value that a CRM partner can bring in helping achieve a successful CRM adoption. You may want to go it alone, so here are …

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Free vs Paid for CRM

Free vs. Paid for CRM

What am i missing out on with a Free vs. Paid for CRM. The answer is more involved than you may first appreciated. CRM is one of few things which is available both free or alternatively you can pay £1,000s. So why select a purchased CRM over a free version. There are multiple factors to …

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Using Excel as a CRM

Using excel as a CRM

We all have been using Excel as a CRM for years. It may be down to keeping our Christmas list up to date with our friends addresses or recording who has purchased the new soccer gear for the local kids team. However, for businesses it is not sustainable as a business grows. More than half …

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How to avoid CRM failure

How to avoid CRM failure

In this blog I consider some of the main ways how to avoid CRM failure within any organisation. There’s been a Failure against CRM in recent years with 25-30% of companies that implement CRM solutions feeling that they are getting the return they expected. The findings of a poll of 100 SME organisations with CRM …

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