The benefits of CRM – how to boost your ROI

Nucleus Research published a report last year stating that 80% of CRM returns are not being realised. This mostly comes from a lack of collaboration – in other words, CRM has been bought for one purpose… one department… one reason. When used across an organisation, no matter how large or small, CRM can bring numerous benefits.

For example, many organisations know that sales automation is a key function within a CRM, but how many also use that data to report back to senior management? How many organisations extend that same CRM to customer service? After all, the sales data held within the system can give a 360-degree view of the customer, which can also help your marketing department.

This interactive infographic looks at the key areas within a business in which CRM can integrate, as well as some interesting CRM statistics.maximizer CRMMade withLEARN MOREThis interactive image was created with ThingLink.
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