The Benefits of Hosted CRM

There’s good reason the on-demand model has taken the IT world by storm in recent years. With its promises of reduced costs and easy deployment, today’s hosted CRM solutions offer countless benefits to companies ranging from fledgling businesses to international

Here are just a few of the biggest benefits:
Rapid Deployment: Hosted CRM implementations can take as little as a few days and rarely exceed three months. What’s more, with an on-demand solution, companies need not invest up-front time in the planning of hardware and software purchases.
Easy Upgrades: On-premise solutions often lay claim to a painstakingly slow product development life cycle, whereas on demand applications can accommodate the instant deployment of new versions. Furthermore, product enhancements and upgrades can occur instantaneously, and hosted CRM applications can be configured – and reconfigured – quickly.
Reduced Costs: Forget about purchasing costly hardware and ramping up your IT team with highly paid software experts. With hosted CRM, there’s no hardware to purchase, servers to install or techies to recruit.
Security Safeguards: If today’s hosted CRM vendors want to survive, keeping their datacenter security up to par is paramount. End users, on the other hand, have been known to skip software upgrades and poorly manage their employees’ desktop installations – all the more reason to trust global industry leaders with the security of your data.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of CRM solutions into small and medium size businesses. They are the Northern Ireland solutions partner for Maximizer CRM which offers both on-premise and on demand solutions with full Mobile CRM capabilities. For more information contact 028 90735630

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