The importance of Sales Qualification (part 4)

In this final article on sales forecasting looks at the how applying an appropriate sales qualification tool, affords an opportunity for you to coach your sales team

Coaching your team for sales excellence

Leading a successful sales team is a pleasure. When they’re making their numbers, you make yours. And it’s great to be free of the pressure that all sales people have felt at one time or other, when the results just aren’t where they need to be.

Every sales leader can hope to enjoy some good times, but when the right deals continue to come in at the right time, how much of the result can you put down to good fortune? Or is it wholly a result of your leadership skill and the hard work of the team? The real test of a leader comes in delivering the numbers month-in month-out, quarter-in quarter-out.

As your business grows you won’t be able to remain personally involved in every deal, so having a common format and common vocabulary to review sales opportunities becomes essential.

Incorporating a qualification approach like MEDICAL into sales reviews provides a structure against which the sales team can prepare, and via which you can derive an accurate understanding of the status of all sales opportunities.

As importantly, it affords an opportunity for you to coach your sales team – to give them the latitude to propose answers to the questions posed through the MEDICAL review. Thinking about how your solution really brings value to your customer in terms that will resonate with decision makers. How does the salesperson intend to build and substantiate differentiation over competitors? From where have they enlisted support, both inside your organisation and those of your commercial partners?

Irrespective of your sales environment and the seniority of your team, your staff will be keen to grow their own skill-set and the value they provide to you as an employer. If positioned constructively, sales reviews can promote learning and growth in your team, which in turn will also deliver better results.

Tools to do the job

The idea of providing software tools to support customer facing staff is no longer cutting edge; most small and mid-size companies use some kind of contact management system.

As you seek to become more rigorous in the way that you qualify and manage sales opportunities, the extent to which such systems can add value varies greatly. An ideal system will help to ensure consistency in the way you manage your customers, giving simple access to the information and metrics your team needs to be more effective. Such a system can become an enabler to your sales and marketing function, rather than simply a repository of data.

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