The Top 4 Questions to ask CRM Suppliers

If you are thinking of implementing a CRM solution you should carefully consider what questions to ask potential implementation partners. These questions should be specific to your individual business needs to help ensure business goals are met.

Unsure what sort of questions you should be asking?

We have brought you the top 5 questions clients asked us when considering purchasing a CRM system. These questions are based on companies that are involved in B2B sales.

1) What CRM software do you use?

To coin a phrase does your potential supplier “eat their own dog food?” The further significance of this question is to ask to see your sales enquiry in their CRM system. This should give you an idea of the provider’s ability to compare platforms objectively.

2) How long does it take to learn CRM?

Designed to catch out those supplier who still think of CRM as a piece of software, or a web page. If they don’t understand that CRM is more than that how are they ever going to become part of a successful project? Do they offer training for your staff? Is there any further support after implementation?

3) How much does your software cost over the next 5 plus years?

Are there any hidden costs? Do low initial prices suddenly ramp up as you add data or users? Do your IT team need extra resource to keep everything running?

4) Where do you use your CRM system, where can’t you use it?

This gets to the heart of the matter. Can your CRM users get to their data whenever and wherever they need too? Can they access data on mobile phones? If the system is on a smart phone or tablet, find out if further configuration is required or there are any problems with usability.

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