Tips on improving your Sales effectiveness

Many companies allocated more that 50% of their marketing budgets to lead generation, including spending £billions  each year on content marketing, video marketing and social media alone to create more opportunities for sales people. Yet, only a small percentage of performing sales teams are actually converting a significant number of new leads into customers, out preforming competitors and achieving extraordinary growth. To help all sales team tune their engines for accelerated sales performance, we take a look at the inefficiency that exists and resolve for a solution. Here are some tips on improving your Sales effectiveness

Top 2013 Sales Objectives:

  • 74% Increase sales effectiveness
  • 55% Capture new Accounts

Key: Speed, discipline and productivity are the keys to achieving these objectives.

Performance inhibitors

Sales reps today are spending more time on other activities and less time actually selling. Research recently indicated that 65% of a sales representative time is spend on activities that don’t directly generate new sales.

  • 35% Selling
  • 24% Lead generation research
  • 16% Administrative duties
  • 15% Post-Sales Tasks
  • 10% other

Effective sales leaders should look for ways to automate and reduce the time their staff spend on non-selling activities.

Low on Octane

Many sales teams are simply unable to keep pace with the demands of a high velocity sales environment.

  • 1/3 of incoming leads go unanswered
  • Sales reps average 48Hrs to respond to a lead
  • On average, sales reps give up after just 1 contact attempt

Firing on all Cylinders

To tune your sales engine for accelerated performance consider these tips to help your team reach optimal results:

  • Act Quickly: Calling a lead within 3 minutes increases chances of conversion by 98%
  • Timing is Key: Properly times contact attempts can achieve average conversion gains by 49%
  • Employ the right tools: Adding a sales dialler can increase actions taken per hour two-fold
  • Don’t give up: Reach out to a contact at least 6 times can increase contact rate by 138%

When your sales reps effectively use their time qualification rates will undoubtedly increase as will revenue for your business. When it comes to sales lead conversion, speed is everything. If your team has the right tools it works quickly and efficiently, success is practically guaranteed.


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