Top 12 Features Top 12 Features Maximizer CRM 12

• New Mobile Access User Interface: Optimises the intuitive, easy to use touch screens for faster user adoption and removes the need to purchase and use different applications based on the mobile device
• Enhanced Mobile Access Appointment Management: View available time and schedule appointments with multiple contacts and colleagues with just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime
• Enhanced Web Access User Interface: Hone in on only the key information you need in one consolidated view
• Improved Web Access Speed & Navigation Tools: Save time & increase productivity with improved navigation and faster response time to commands
• LinkedIn Integration: Obtain the most up-to-date key background information, generate leads and enhance the level of customer engagement
• SharePoint® Integration: Save time and access the most up-to-date information with hyperlinks to documents stored in external sources such as SharePoint ®
• iCalendar Integration: Set-up and manage appointments seamlessly with internal colleagues and external customers using the most popular calendar applications
• Marketing Campaign Management: Easily measure the effectiveness of each marketing campaign to make informed decisions re: future marketing initiatives and resource allocation
• Expanded Key Field Customisation & Display Options: View and navigate with ease through a customisable layout of all of the key information required based on specific business needs
• Enhanced Search & View Filter Options: Increase efficiency with quick access to & categorisation of information based on selected criteria
• Dependent Tasks: Ensure processes are followed and consistent customer experiences are delivered
• SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS): Utilise built in SQL Server Reporting Capabilities without acquiring additional costs and re-building existing reports

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