Trusted Advisor

Organisations that outperform their competitors are simply better at attracting and retaining “A-Players.” These A-Players have the capability to identify the key business outcomes that the buyer is aiming to resolve. In doing so they establish themselves as the “Trusted Advisor”. As the “Trusted Advisor” they grow revenues and profits by pulling two key levers: ease of buying and ease of selling.

Ease of buying equates to lower customer acquisition costs. Buyers identify their needs and qualify solutions before the sales team shows up. Once the sales team engages, completing the qualification and negotiation phases of the buying journey are straightforward; value is evident and transactions are seamless.

Ease of selling means the vendor has a compelling value proposition that is easy to relate. The seller understands the outcome that the customers is seeking and can clearly demonstrate success looks like. Top graded talent is not selling products or services. They’re selling customer success—an outcome that’s readily understood by both parties.

It supports the creation of the buyer viewing the seller to a “Trusted Advisor” status. It is the foundation stone for creating a high degree of customer intimacy and building long term relationships. This monetizes the lifetime value for both buyer and seller.

ProAptivity supports the implementation of CRM with customised sales training courses to assist organisations to implement best practice. Contact ProAptivity today on 028 9099 6388 or via email at to find out how we can support your team in establishing themselves as the buyers preferred “Trusted Advisor”.

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