Two CRM Trends for 2012

There are many different trends popping up for CRM now and will trend throughout 2012. Here are just a few things to look out for and get on top of before you’re so far behind no one will see you as relevant.

Expect to see social media monitored better by businesses and customers alike. Because social media is going to be used more and more for customer service, the way to stay on top of your customers and to see what they’re saying is to monitor your social media and respond to complaints, compliments, etc. They’ll also look to you on social media for information and as an outlet to connect with you.

Everyone is on the go. Keep mobility in the front of your mind. Be able to connect and interact with your customers via video, phone, email, social media, etc.  They want to connect with you on every level possible and want to access you anywhere at any time—be aware of that.

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