Unhappy Customers

Research indicates that it costs 4 times more to find a new customer than to retain an existing customers. How do you really know if your existing customers are happy, a little bit unhappy or down right dissatisfied  about the your company’s product / solution delivery?

Through using a CRM system, a simple but effective colour rules can keep track of customer sentiment. Customers can be marked, for example Red, Amber or Green.

Red = An unhappy customer, feeling unloved and discontent

Amber = A little unhappy, I need to attention

Green = All is good, feeling loved

The old adage is that all customers should be treated equally. However some need to be treated more equally than others. For example, if a key client is unhappy, you really need to invest more time in getting them back on track.

5 Ways to use colour rules effectively within your business:

  1. Make sure all customer facing staff have access to the colour rules. This should include at least Customer Services, Sales and Finance. It is a waste of sales resource, trying to sell to a client that is dissatisfied with their current customer experience
  2. Make it easy to find: Make the information front and centre and easy to access. Can a sales rep get it on their mobile just before a customer meeting?
  3. Allow anyone to set a client account to Red or Amber and make sure people feel empowered to do so.
  4. Make it easy to set, certainly have predefined criteria in place, but make it easy to set the colour rules
  5. Make sure you have a process for following up and someone has ownership on dealing with unhappy customers.

Maximizer CRM uses colouring rules that can be applied against any predefined criteria. To learn more about how Maximizer CRM can help your business, contact ProAptivity today on 028 9099 6388 or via email on info@proaptivity.websitebuild.xyz

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