What does an effective CRM need to have?

Try to utilise the benefits of the Maximizer CRM is an extremely function rich application which can deliver a host of benefits to your company from lead generation through to service management. It is wise to investigate each of the features below and understand how you can adopt them within your business.

Lead Generation

Maximizer can help you deliver and manage leads for you organisation by building mailing lists, creating and sending HTML emails, tracking leads and opportunity conversion. This will allow you to reduce the amount of time that sales people are spending sending individual emails to suspect organisations and create a process to maximise the return on the amount of money you spend on marketing activities.

Sales Force Automation

Here is where many of our customers derive the greatest return on their CRM are investment –  having a clear idea of what opportunities are in what stage of the sales cycle and managing the deal in detail brings enormous clarity to your business.

It helps salespeople manage their prospects, understand their customers better and share information about opportunity influencers and competitors. It also allows contacts to be related to organisations even though they may not be employed by them.

This information sharing is extremely valuable – as an example Maximizer can help a salesperson understand which deals have been won against the same competitor that he is up against in a current deal. Using this information wisely will help him close more deals and further strengthen the company’s competitive advantage.

Quotation and Invoice Generation

Salespeople have the capability to create quotations from within Maximizer CRM – Customer upload price books allow accurate pricing and restricted discounting if required. These quotations are saved within the application and can be automatically converted to .pdf files to be emailed to prospects.

Document Management

Documents can be stored centrally and linked to multiple people and organisations, which can reduce the amount of out-of-date documents attached to emails. More importantly documents are managed effortlessly with older documents, such as expired contracts, easily identified.

Pipeline Management

Maximizer CRM allows sales managers to set quotas for each of their salespeople on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Reports and dashboards can be created to show performance against that quota.

In addition to the normal opportunity management capability there is an additional forecasting feature that allows opportunities to be tagged as “committed” or “best case” against a forecast figure. This facility is very useful to companies that are involved in larger, longer-term, deals that may stretch over multiple quarters.

Pipeline management and forecasting will keep your “finger on the pulse” and will help in organising individual territory reviews with your sales people. It also improves planning of installation engineers, timely purchase order requisitions and greater service to your customers.

Pipeline management can benefit your company in so many ways but knowing what deals are in the pipeline and when they will close will enable you to plan manufacturing better, optimise cash flow and simply know when deals are going “off the boil”.

Customer Support

Maximizer CRM is one of the few CRM solutions that deliver a full function customer service solution which can monitor, issue and prioritise support tickets. This functionality enables support teams to ensure customer and prospect problems are handled quickly and efficiently.

Dashboards and Reporting

The real benefit of a CRM solution over a contact management system is providing accurate up-to-date information about what is happening within the business. Maximizer CRM has a full reporting and dashboard engine with pre-designed and custom created reports. You have the flexibility to report on any contact, organisation, lead, opportunity, activity, or any combination of these and export to Excel or.csv if required.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of CRM solutions into small and medium size businesses. They are the Northern Ireland solutions partner for Maximizer CRM which offers both on-premise and on demand solutions with full Mobile CRM capabilities. For more information contact 028 90735630


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