What They Say About Proaptivity and Maximizer

Beckinridge specialises in delivering high quality training to the Corporate, SME and Government Sectors. Established in 1993 the company has gained an excellent reputation for high quality training in these areas. Beckinridge has been using Maximizer CRM since 1994 and consider it a cornerstone for business productivity, efficiency and growth. Eddie McDonald, Managing Director of Beckinridge says: “Maximizer is a very powerful product that is integral to our sales and marketing function. We use it for specific targeting which allows us to engage our prospects and customers and drive revenue. Quite simply it is a critical component in the continued development and growth of our business.”
Eddie McDonald, Managing Director
NI4Kids produce media products aimed at parents of primary school-aged children and aim to provide parents with useful information on education, health, parenting, entertainment and fun things to do for all the family, whether in the home or out and about around Northern Ireland. Gary Hamilton Managing Director of NI4Kids says “Maximizer CRM is very straight forward and is a great way to automate and streamline much of what we need to do in our business. Being able to efficiently input and recover data has helped improve our sales processes; we now have all the information we need in a single location which means we no longer have to go looking for it. Maximizer has helped improve our productivity and the level of customer service we deliver to our customers.”
Gary Hamilton Managing Director
Gilbrooke Consultancy Limited is a modern, dynamic firm supplying a full range of accountancy and taxation services to private clients and owner-managed businesses. Their core business is the provision of accountancy and taxation services, however through the years they have expanded their range of services in response to the needs of their clients. They can advise on almost all of the challenges you will face and have an extensive network of other professionals with specialist expertise who they work with when necessary. They are very proud to be the first call when their clients need help and they value their trusted advisor status. Gilbert Cartmill, Principal of Gilbrooke Consultancy Limited says; “Maximizer CRM is very simple and quick to deploy, learn, use and maintain. It has allowed us to systematically streamline much of what we do on a daily basis and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office for letter writing, faxing, emails etc. Maximizer CRM is easily configured to meet the specific needs of our accountancy business and enables us to access all of our important client data at the click of a mouse. A complete client contact history is also created automatically which has helped us improve the productivity and efficiency of our core business and the level of customer service we deliver to our clients.”
Gilbert Cartmill, Principal
Gilbrooke Consultancy Limited
Finrone Systems Limited manufacture Portable Pig Buildings, bespoke on site Pig Housing, supply or turnkey build Stainless Steel Storage Tanks for the agricultural and industrial sectors. The majority of our customers are based in UK and R.O.I. with some on continental Europe mainly Belgium, France and Germany. We began using Maximizer to manage communication with customers, keeping them informed of the lasted products and trends in the industry. We have continued to increase the utilisation of the application. We now manage our complete sales process on Maximizer, providing us with real-time information on our sales cycle, activity levels, pipelines and performance against sales targets. ‘Maximizer is very user friendly. It has simplified tasks and helped tracking on service timelines. We are now confident in the quality of customer profiles that exist on the database and continue to be surprised by the number of ways in which we can use the information to drive future revenue’. We love it!
Sharon Forbes, Managing Director
Finrone Systems
Safegas has provided plumbing and heating services to commercial and residential properties throughout Northern Ireland since 2000. Victoria Scott Director of SafeGas NI Ltd says: We initially chose Maximizer because it not only fulfilled our current needs but is scalable offering functionality to grow with and change with our business moving forward. As Safegas continues to build its business, it sees Maximizer as a vital platform for growth. ‘As we become more and more comfortable with the application, we will look to utilise additional functions. We are confident that, as our business continues to grow and change, Maximizer will be capable of meeting new needs.’
Victoria Scott, Director
SafeGas NI Ltd