Why the CRM system you’ve got doesn’t do what you want!

If you often find yourself wondering why your CRM system is not really making your life easier or helping you to win more business, it’s probably because it’s time to get a new one. CSO Insights’ 2012 Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) study revealed that many businesses are using CRM systems that are over four years’ old.

When you consider the rate of technological advances we’ve seen in that time, it’s not really surprising that your CRM seems clunky and difficult to get any real value from. If you’re finding that it’s costing a lot of money but just won’t do what you want it to do, then it’s due to the simple fact that not all CRM systems are born equal.

Many businesses big and small are struggling with old school CRM systems that have outdated and difficult to navigate functionality. Not only that, but they are only available on the PCs in the office, meaning your staff can’t access important information at home, when travelling or in customer meetings. With the Cloud taking the IT world by storm in recent years, having a web-based CRM system that can be accessed anywhere and bring together all of your business applications into one streamlined and joined-up solution should already be the industry norm. But sadly, it’s not. If you haven’t invested any budget in your CRM system in the past five years then you won’t be benefiting from the huge changes that have transformed what they can do for your business. We’d bet a lot of money that you’re just like the people surveyed in the study featured in CRM magazine – only a tiny 18.7% of them have seen sales rise as a result of their CRM system’s capabilities. That just seems all wrong to us. A good CRM system should be helping you to increase your turnover, reduce your administration time and costs and deliver a marked improvement in your customer service and satisfaction.

One Simple System for Everyone

The CRM market for small and medium businesses is dominated by Salesforce.com, which only provides insights into customer engagement and pipeline. This is just not enough anymore – markets and the economy have undergone a complete transformation and for your business to remain competitive it needs to move with the times.

Don’t despair though – your business can keep up with the digital revolution and the constantly changing marketplace with Workbooks CRM because:

  • It’s in the Cloud and always available
  • It has the most up-to-date features and functionality
  • It pulls together your complete sales process; from marketing and lead generation, through sales and order fulfilment, all the way to invoicing and providing on-going customer support.

So you end up with one complete and consistent view of every stage of your customers’ sales lifecycle and a better ROI.

ProAptivity specialise in the deployment of CRM solutions into small and medium size businesses. They are the Northern Ireland solutions partner for Maximizer CRM which offers both on-premise and on demand solutions with full Mobile CRM capabilities. For more information contact 028 90735630


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