Working smarter not harder

Salespeople? Recent research has identified 3 things that were highly correlated with top performing reps: More time spent with customers; larger internal networks; and more time spent with managers and senior leadership. These three behaviours persisted regardless of region, territory, or sales role, suggesting that they are foundational ingredients for success. Working smarter not harder works!

Based on this research, here are broad frameworks for each of the behaviours identified (two of which we combined), plus an additional one:

  1. Customer engagement. This not only includes overall time spent with customers, but also factors in the number of accounts touched; time spent with each; frequency of interactions; and breadth and depth of relationships built within them.
  2. Internal networks. We’ve found that it’s useful to break internal network characteristics into three sub-categories:
    • General: This includes overall number of relationships within the company; time spent interacting with other colleagues; and influence within the network.
    • Support resources: A set of metrics focused on the relationships reps built with sales support staff, including pre-sales specialists, inside sales reps, and others.
    • Management: A set of metrics concentrated on relationships between reps and their direct managers, as well as broader rep engagement with company leadership.
  3. Energy: This new angle, which is very much related to the previous two, includes a collection of metrics that measure overall time and effort exerted by salespeople.

In total, the finds suggest that sales success requires the right engagement model with customers, the right relationships within your own company, and putting in the needed time and energy. Or, working smarter rather than working harder. These insights may seem intuitive — and in many ways they are — but, according to the data, the details matter.

ProAptivity specialise in the delivery of CRM solution. Supporting this we help organisation implement best practice with regards sales and account management. Working smarter not harder. To find out more, contact ProAptivity on 028 90735630 or at

Source: Havard Business Review

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