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Helping you choose the right CRM solution to improve productivity, profits and customer relationships.

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CRM Sales, Consultancy and Training

ProAptivity is a multi-faceted CRM software company with the expertise to consult, train and deliver in all things Customer Relationship Management.

At ProAptivity, we specialise in providing advice and selling the right CRM solution for businesses, charities or educational organisations. Once we help you get a clear understanding of your organisational requirements and priorities, we support you in implementing and iterating a robust CRM strategy. 

CRM services can help you maximise the efficiency of your entire business, charity or educational organisation. Often, we find that business, charity or educational organisation use their CRM solutions to improve their stakeholder engagement, client experience, organisational insight and performance. 

With ProAptivity’s guidance, we can help you select the correct CRM software from the very beginning. This saves you precious time and investment enabling you to kick-start a successful strategy. We can also provide you with a CRM implementation plan and team training. This will help to digitally transform your operations for the better. Even if you are at the early stage of your CRM journey and wondering ‘how can CRM help my business?’ – or if you have a solution in place, but are not aware of its full potential – click the button below to contact our team and we would be delighted to help. 

Based in UK & Ireland, we provide CRM services to
Charities, Businesses & Educational Student Support

Investment in CRM solutions is directly linked to increased organisational efficiency as well as client and customer retention.

 ProAptivity offers a range of affordable CRM software solutions for charities, educational Student Support and all business types. Our CRM solutions and practices provide your organisation with the tools needed to maximise productivitymanage and expand client relationshipsimprove sales performance and enhance customer experiences.

 We work closely with clients across the UK and Ireland to understand their needs in order to offer the best CRM solution in the market. Our CRM solutions are highly customised, made to suit charities, educational Student Support departments and all business types. In addition they offer sales management, customer service management, marketing automation functionality and much, much more.

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Benefits of CRM Solutions

With a bespoke CRM solution, your charity, educational student support department or business can enjoy multiple benefits. These benefits include: the reduction (or elimination of) duplication of tasks and time wasting across multiple departments. A CRM solution improves inter-departmental communication which elevates the customer experience. The centralisation of client information is probably the single biggest benefit. A good CRM solution should benefit an organisation through the visibility of its users’ activities. This visibility is fundamental to managing individual and organisation performance and controlling business processes.

Added value features of ProAptivity’s CRM include:

  • Website and new technology integration
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Workflow automation functionality
  • Full email campaign management

Through greater customer insight, you can more effectively anticipate and exceed expectations, maximise satisfaction and boost customer retention.

CRM in your organisation

With our CRM solutions, your business can:

  • Get the right message to the right people at the right time
  • Provide world-class service through a 360 degree view of your customer
  • Make educated business decisions through greater reporting and business intelligence
  • Close more deals thanks to better informed decision-making, better task management and better leads

Want to find out more about how CRM can improve business performance? Get in touch!

crm software consultancy

Sales Force Automation with CRM helps sales teams meet and exceed revenue targets and build profitable relationships for long-term success.

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CRM allows you to automate dynamic, personalised email campaigns, send marketing collateral and keep your stakeholders close.

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Why You Need a Bespoke CRM Solution

If you’re still wondering whether you need a CRM solution, we can still help you decide.  A lot of our customers come to us because of one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • Too much time is being spent on administration tasks
  • They do not have a central point of reference for key company or customer information
  • They are suffering from data silos – causing operational issues and damaging customer experiences
  • Important customer data is not safely stored and can easily be lost or taken
  • Customer journeys are not streamlined or trackable
  • Scheduling content and creating reports requires too many resources
  • They are not aware of their conversion rates

If these sound familiar to you and your business – a robust CRM software can provide a solution to all of these problems.

Whether you’re a charity looking to improve stakeholder engagement, or a marketing professional who wants to automate dynamic, personalised email campaigns – ProAptivity has been implementing only the best CRM practices for many years. If you want to request a free trial, simply get in touch with our expert team today and we can talk you through exactly what we have to offer.