23 Signs your business is CRM ready

23 Signs your business is CRM ready
23 Signs your business is CRM ready

If you are a small business owner, you know how important your customer relationships are to success. The idea of a CRM (customer relationship management) system is certainly easy to agree with. Nonetheless, it can feel like a big leap.

What are the signs you are ready for a CRM system? Detailed below are 23 signs your business is CRM ready. These are questions or challenges we hear every day from businesses that are looking to grow bigger, faster, and with more ease.

How a simple CRM system helps you.

The right CRM solution can supercharge your small business like nothing else. By intelligently storing and managing customer and prospect information, it can help your marketing team find new customers faster by boosting your lead volume. It can win you more customers by boosting your sales team’s ability to close deals. It can help your service team make more customers happy with intelligent help desk solutions.

A powerful CRM solution does this all on one platform. It keeps your business connected end to end with minimal IT involvement, setting you on the path to major growth. So, when it comes to knowing the customer, everyone is on the same page.

23 Signs your business is CRM ready

Below is a list of indicators that a CRM system can help your business grow bigger, faster and with more ease. These are:

  1. How many prospecting telephone calls do your sales reps make each day?
  2. Does everyone who communicates with a customer know what their co-workers said to them or did for them?
  3. Is all customer information kept in one area or program for easy customer service reference?
  4. Do you have several databases of information that you need access to benefit sales?
  5. Are you able to manage the top 20% of accounts that give you 80% of your revenue?
  6. Do you know how many customer-services issues each customer has had and why?
  7. Do you know which customers consume most of your company’s time?
  8. Are you able to access all the programs you need to from one PC screen?
  9. What is your revenue per sales representative?
  10. What is the win, loss, and no-decision rates?
  11. What is your lead turnaround time?
  12. How many sales calls are completed per rep?
  13. What is the average amount of time required to complete each selling step?
  14. How many calls are required to close an opportunity?
  15. What are the numbers of existing customer contacts and repeat business orders?
  16. What is the average order size and order frequency?
  17. How do you rate your marketing or lead generation program effectiveness?
  18. What is the win-rate comparisons for different prospect types?
  19. What is the sales representative success conversion rates for each sell cycle step?
  20. What are the success rates and profitability comparisons for individual products?
  21. What are the profitability comparisons for orders from different channels?
  22. Can you do Mail Merge or e-mail broadcasts to your customer base?
  23. Do you have critical customer data on PC’s that could be lost or taken and should be on one database?

If you do not know the answers the questions above (or you have no idea where to get them), you need to consider a CRM.

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