Value Drivers for implementing CRM

Value drivers are the processes, organisational strategies and technologies that help maximize investments in CRM for small businesses. For top performing companies, many of the value drivers have to do with how CRM is used rather than a single feature.

CRM is only valuable if the accuracy and quality of data in the system can be used for data-driven decisions.

Recent research increasingly rank integration and consolidation as top ways to extract value from CRM investments.

Here is a closer look at the top value drivers for implementing CRM.

  1. Managing marketing/sales campaign through CRM (89%)
  2. Consolidate all customer knowledge in the organisation into the CRM solution (80%)
  3. Demonstrate Return on Investment through increased sales revenue (74%)
  4. Leverage data collected from company initiatives for improves decision making (55%)
  5. Data quality and cleansing (50%)
  6. Augment CRM with sales intelligence data (41%)
  7. Mobile access to CRM (25%)
  8. Establish a company wide data collection standard (21%)
  9. Implement employee training (16%)

Consistently the key value driver for CRM is enabling marketing and sales to win more business. Once this has been achieved it is easy to demonstrate a clear return on investment. A customer of ProAptivity realised an addition £100,000 in sales supported by a reduction in admin costs to the value of £70,000 within 12 months of implementation

ProAptivity specialise in deploying CRM solutions into CRM, helping organisations sell more. For more information contact us today on 028 90735630 or via email at

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