October 2021

A Moment of Truth

A Moment of Truth

The concept of ‘A Moment of Truth’ remains as true today as it did when Jan Carlzon first implemented at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS Group) in the 1980’s. The concept of ‘A Moment of Truth’ refers to any time a customer comes into contact with a business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an …

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Benefits of CRM

So Many CRM’s

With so many CRM’s in the marketplace how do you whittle your important purchase down to make sure you find the right one? You know your company needs one. The whole team would benefit from one. You have convinced the boss. You have found the budget – now what?? It is an important responsibility and …

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Handlings Objections


We get it. Objections are tough. Sales objections come in many forms, and it takes experience and quick wit to get used to them. It’s not just reps fielding sales objections who think so, either. As many as 35% of sales leaders believe objection handling is the biggest challenge their reps face. We’re here to …

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The Perfect Pipeline

The perfect pipeline is hard to achieve. A sales pipeline helps you understand your sales process, increase your sales and make you confident about your data. Yet, it has been suggested that 63% of organization’s are ineffective at managing their sales pipeline. Recent published research by Vantage Point Performance (VVP) has put forward a new …

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